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"[They have] always gone out of their way to make sure my family's cars are safe and working correctly. They also point out what many other companies do to break the cars they're working on to keep you coming back. Barbara is amazing and went out of her way to make sure I was good to go for a camping trip, even though I was an hour away and needed service from a local source. She talked to some of the people there and ensured I was getting a good deal

and quality tires."


Reliable, personalized service

“I love Barb and Whitey! It's so great to have an honest mechanic you can trust. I validated their honesty over two years ago when they told me I'm best off buying a new car instead of putting more money into my old Honda. What mechanic says 'Don't give me your business. Your car is done.' They could have done a few repairs to get me on my way but they shot me straight. They even looked at my next car to tell me it was a good deal before I made the purchase. Wow! They'll do oil changes and tell you if your car is due for anything. Most of the time they've told me 'Nothing is needed.  Your car's in good shape!' I highly recommend them to everyone and would give them more

stars if I could!"


Unmatched honesty

Call to arrange

for service.


"The time they spend trying to make sure the customer can get the job done right is impeccable. They are so helpful and Barbara who runs the office is sooooo nice. I would tell everyone to take their car there for any needs!"




Trustworthy mechanics with no sales pressure

“I could not be happier. They gave me repair options, didn't pressure me into buying anything, and were very up front about everything. I finally found a mechanic I can trust and will definitely be back when my car needs service and maintenance. Highly recommended”


"Soooo glad to have found Whities place years ago. I should have written a review well before now, my bad. Barbara is very kind, helpful and honest. Whitie is quiet but just as kind, very knowledgeable and fair. Robert, one of the great mechanics there, is pretty cool too. Honest people, this is a rare find. Thanks to the entire gang for making my years of auto care experience so great. See you soon, I'm nearly at the 3k mile mark. Ha!"


Knowledgeable, honest mechanics

“I love this place!  Barbara in the front office is so helpful, their prices are reasonable. It's great to have a shop I can depend on - so many places try to rip girls off or talk down.”


Dependable service at reasonable prices

“I took my car to Whitie's on a couple of occasions and received honest, professional and competent service. They are particularly good at manual transmission repairs, and the whole experience is so different (in a positive way) than say, Pep Boys or Sears Auto. They can be very busy, however, so plan ahead.”


Honest, professional service

“My family and I have been taking our cars to Whities for years because we can fully trust them and they do good work. They are very friendly and have wonderful customer service. [I] highly recommend them.”


Wonderful customer service and great work

“Friendly mechanic you can trust.”


Friendly, trustworthy mechanics

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